“Climate change, if unchecked, is an urgent threat to health, food supplies, biodiversity, and livelihoods across the globe”
M.E.D. Clean Energy is a start-up based in New York State that creates sustainable energy technology. Our thermal energy innovation was invented by an experienced engineering team and an expert in sustainable development, with the intention of decarbonizing space heating and cooling for the American home.
We believe that everybody benefits from a healthy environment and has a moral responsibility towards future generations to protect it. Given the urgent global need to shift to a sustainable development path, clean energy use must move from the niche to the mainstream. M.E.D. Energy pursues this mission through focusing on climate-friendly heating and cooling technology for New York in alignment with the US Climate Initiative to achieve a net zero emission economy by 2050.
Our approach includes several specific climate-friendly innovations:
  1. No gaseous emissions are released into the atmosphere, therefore no damage is done to the atmospheric environment.
  2. All of the CO2 produced is captured, as well as all of the Greenhouse Gases (GHG).
  3. No thermal energy is lost by our solution. Instead, it is reused, stored over the long term, and provided to the end users.
M.E.D. Energy’s vision is to foster sustainable global development while meeting the needs of businesses.